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Horse Riding Lessons

Academy Stables provides English and western riding lessons. We primarily offer group lessons but privates and semi private lessons are also available. Each group and semi private lesson includes one hour of professional instruction for riders aged 6 and up. We welcome all ability levels from first time riders to advanced riders to adults who want to return to ridding after many years away from the sport.

Group lessons have 4 riders in them to ensure that all students get adequate attention and instruction. It also provides a safety oriented atmosphere where riding arenas are not over crowded and horse’s are not over used.

Groups are organized by ability level first and age second. Below is a general description of the classes we offer.

If you are interested in joining lessons or learning more about the lesson program at Academy Stables please eMail Kristin Klingebiel. Families currently participating in the lesson program can click on this link to access our calendar and registration.

Riding Lessons Registration
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We offer:

Beginner 1

For students with no prior formal lessons. Learn and practice the “Four Aids” as part of basic riding. Practice Walk, Trot, Halt, Reverse, good seat, good leg position, and good hand position. Learn to post the trot (English & Western).

Private Beginner Lesson

For riders with no prior formal lessons and who are new to Academy Stables. The objective of this lesson is to familiarize new riders with the barn and begin learning about what’s involved in riding horses. We will learn and practice grooming and the tools of grooming. We will learn and practice the basics of tack and tacking a horse. We will learn basic horsemanship and begin the process of building a horse/human partnership including communication for the mutual respect and enjoyment of both horse and rider. This lesson will include time in the saddle but riding is not the main objective. On the horse we will Learn and practice the “Four Aids” as part of basic riding. And we will practice walking to help the rider become independent with steering the horse. *For riders with previous riding experience (of all age levels), the objective of this lesson is to assess skill level in order to place rider in the appropriate group lesson.

Semi-Private Beginner Lesson

This lesson is for new riders who wish to have more individualized instruction with a family or friend. This is intended for students with no prior formal lessons. Learn and practice the “Four Aids” as part of basic riding. Practice Walk, Trot, Halt, Reverse, good seat, good leg position, and good hand position. Learn to post the trot.

Beginner 2

Continued practice of Beginner Basics with emphasis on learning control without as much assistance as Beginner 1 students need. Begin learning the Canter. Fine tune posting the trot (English & Western).

Advanced-Beginner 1

Practice of consistent proper body position at the Walk, Trot, and Canter. Practice control and achieving the desired gait and speed on several different horses. Learn “light hands” with more controlled balance. Sit the trot bareback without a sidewalker.

Advanced-Beginner 2

Practice control with various individual and group exercises and more difficult horse choices. Trot safely together as a group. Learn posting on the correct diagonal. Continue practicing “seat” for balance & control. Canter bareback on an easy horse.

Advanced-Beginner 3

Students are challenged with learning control by riding harder horses and working up to their “Goal Horses.” They will learn cantering on the correct lead. English riders will practice precision, dressage, and beginning jumping. Western riders will begin learning reining. More difficult class exercises. Canter bareback on more difficult horses.

Intermediate Rider

Can ride any of our horses safely, with control. May still be “fine-tuning” riding their “Goal Horses” with ease and “relaxed control.” Students are still learning the finer points of horse/human partnership and communication for the mutual respect and enjoyment of both. English riders are able to take most horses over higher (2.5’) jumps with confidence. Go over small jumps bareback.

Advanced Rider

Advanced students can ride any of our horses with confidence, balance, and relaxed control. They have learned the basics of leadership for each horse, and can build the trust needed to ask the horse to do something outside its comfort zone. They are learning training skills and perfecting their talents at jumping, reining, or other advanced disciplines, including “Natural Horsemanship” techniques. They are comfortable with advanced bareback riding, including jumps.

Master’s Rider

Riders aged 20 and up. The above classifications will apply as well.

Master’s Rider Private

This is a 30 min lesson is designed for the intermediate and advanced adult rider who needs additional and one-on-one instruction in a particular fundamental skill, such has seat position, balance, etc. Prior approval is needed to register for these lessons.


Hayden Clark

Hayden hails from Massachusetts where she started riding horses at 6 years old! She competed as an English style rider at small jumper shows and equation classes throughout her childhood and teenage years. Then, she became interested in three-phase Eventing and began competing at beginner novice and went on to her first Prelim trials at 20 years old.

Hayden built her foundation for teaching through her experiences in United States Pony Club. USPC taught her horse knowledge, care, and riding to advanced levels. As a people person and also a passionate horseback rider, Hayden has always gravitated toward teaching lessons and training horses—all ages and all types.

She is competent to teach dressage, stadium, cross country, and trail riding with a focus on riding naturally and harmoniously. Hayden says, “I am very thankful for all my years of going to summer horse camps, working at farms, leasing and owning horses that made me the horsewoman I am today!

My riding influences are Sara Contois, Lucinda Green, Karen Rohlf, Phillip Dutton, Boyd Martin, David and Karen O’Connor, and many, many more!” We are thrilled to have Hayden teaching all levels of riders at Academy Stables.

Lesson Information

Lessons are open for future students on the weekends and some days during the week. Please call 303-665-4637 to discuss.

Introductory lessons are available on the weekends to introduce students to the lesson program and begin their passion for riding!

NOTE: The maximum weight for a rider taking a lesson is 200 pounds.

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