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Riding Lessons

Academy Stables provides English and Western riding lessons, in both a private and semi-private format. Each Lesson includes one hour of professional instruction.
(ages 6 and up).

Group lessons do not exceed six riders (and are more commonly held with 2-4 riders). This ensures that all students get adequate attention in the lessons and are able to progress. It also provides a safety oriented atmosphere where riding arenas are not overcrowded and the chance of accidents are minimized. Groups are organized by ability levels and approximate age.

  • Private Individual Lesson
  • $65
  • One hour of professional instruction
  • 1 person
  • Private Group Lesson
  • $47/pp
  • One hour of professional instruction
  • 2-4 people
Jillian Simon, Head Instructor at Academy Stables

Jillian Simon, Head Instructor at Academy Stables, has over 6000 hours of teaching experience. As a mother herself, Jillian understands that safety always comes first.

Jillian Simon, the Academy Stables Instructor, believes in safety first when it comes to riding. Riders are taught how to groom and tack their horses in the first few lessons (which is a complimentary portion of the lesson, and is not charged to the student). Students also learn some groundwork, horse health, and safety measures.

Jillian focuses on English hunter-jumper riding with some dressage cross-training, and western pleasure. She has over 19 years of experience in these disciplines and has over 6,000 teaching hours as head trainer. Her lessons support a wide age range of riders (4 Years- Adult), and skill levels range from students who have never ridden to those who used to be avid riders when they were younger. Whether you just want to learn to ride for fun, or are eager to progress in your riding and push yourself to high jumping heights, Academy is the place for you!

Lessons are open to auditing for future students on the weekends and some days during the week. Please contact Jillian at 303-665-4637 to discuss the best time to audit a lesson.

Introductory lessons are available on the weekends to introduce students to the lesson program and begin their passion for riding!

NOTE: The maximum weight for a rider taking a lesson is 200 pounds.

“I have been taking lessons with Jillian at Academy Stables since March of 2008. I have progressed from beginning Western to intermediate English riding. I volunteered my time during the summer camps, watched her conduct private and group lessons as well as individual training sessions with boarded horses. Jillian is an excellent trainer. She has a great depth of knowledge about all aspects of riding, horse behavior and training. She possesses infinite patience with her students, pushing them when they need a nudge and forgiving when they show up feeling a little under the weather. Her commitment to teaching and all things equestrian is unquestioned. Jillian maintains a poised and calm demeanor in even the most trying situations. Safety is always the first concern and something she never compromises from the youngest novice student to the older more experienced ones. You could not go wrong with Jillian as your trainer.”

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